4 Common Global Marketing Errors And How To Avoid Them

In 2023, global growth is forecasted to decline to 1.7%, which is almost half of the expected rate six months prior. Global expansion is already difficult, and with this statistic, it’s only going to get more challenging.

One way to combat this is to nail your marketing. But this can be easier said than done, as large corporations have made blunders when expanding.

So before you start, make sure you’re on the right path first. Keep reading to see four common global marketing errors and how you can avoid making them.

1. Not Localizing Content

Direct translations don’t equal localization. Even between English-speaking countries (such as the US and the UK), there are certain terms and words that are used differently. This is exactly how you can tell someone’s not from your country, and the people in the countries you market to will immediately know something’s off if you don’t localize content.

Don’t do it on a general level either. Specific regions have their own nuances, so do your due diligence and go granular. It’ll definitely pay off when you can connect with your desired audience!

2. Not Cross-Referencing Content

You’ve got a marketing campaign that was a huge hit in the US! They say don’t change what ain’t broken, so that means you can copy the same campaign overseas, right?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not cross-referencing your content with local experts first. What may be acceptable or funny in your country may not make sense in another. Or worse yet, it can be offensive!

Having a company like Global Expansion hire local talent to check your content will be worth every cent spent in your global marketing budget.

3. Using the Same Keywords

You’ve done the research for keywords that perform well in your native language. But a direct translation to the languages used in the countries you’re marketing to simply won’t work. Typically, this will result in poorly performing keywords that’ll barely get you traffic.

You’ll need to have a little cultural know-how; some help from native translators is wise. They can take your current keywords and advise you on the best translations. You can then perform keyword research on those terms and tweak them if necessary.

4. Not Focusing on Mobile Hits

Mobile-friendliness is necessary for marketing in any country, including your own. More and more people are using their smartphones to search for things rather than their laptops and computers. And in many developing countries, the only device people have is their phones.

This means it’s vital for you to make your site and marketing content mobile-friendly. Otherwise, users won’t be able to view things optimally.

Don’t Make These Common Global Marketing Errors

Now that you know some of the most common global marketing errors, make sure you don’t follow in these other companies’ footsteps. Put in the effort to customize and localize your content, and it’ll have a huge return on interest, especially if you use the right digital marketing tools and talent.

If you need more help with your global marketing strategy, then check out our other blog articles now.

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