Custom Pool Design Ideas That Make a Splash

Do you want your backyard to be the place everyone wants to be? Then consider working with a custom pool.

Getting a custom pool design built for your backyard can increase its value and enjoyment. Pools designed for your needs are easier to use and a pleasure to look at.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve created a list of custom pool design ideas that must be noticed for your backyard. Keep reading to learn about your area’s best custom in-ground swimming pools.

Optimize It for Laps

Things to consider when optimizing a pool for laps include shape, size, and depth. An oval-shaped pool with a flat bottom no more profound than five feet is ideal for lap swimming. Depending on pool size, a minimum length of 25 feet is recommended to ensure enough line of sight from one end of the pool to the other.

Installing an adjustable pool-saucer lane divider is another excellent way to ensure lane separation and keep swimmers from crossing each other’s lanes. Additionally, adding a central line down the pool’s center can help swimmers quickly identify their lane.

Match Your Home’s Style

Custom pool design ideas can make a home’s outdoor space stand out. One suggestion for creating a unique and personalized poolscape is incorporating specific architectural styles. With modern and eclectic styles rising in popularity, homeowners can choose themes and features that match their type.

Furniture and accents, like outdoor couches and chairs, are also excellent ways to introduce accents that reinforce a home’s overall look. These can include shapes like curves, rectangles, and clean lines that directly reflect a home’s exterior. Adding water features like fountains and LED lights can also be a great way to spruce up the space effectively.

Add a Baja Shelf

Baja shelves are a popular custom option for people looking to add a unique touch to their pool. A Baja shelf is a unique feature that is a shallow shelf that allows people to walk into the water or sit in the water without having to submerge fully.

It is great for barbecues, sunbathing, and relaxing in the pool as a shallow part that can relieve the heat. They provide a creative way to integrate a shallow zone, kids’ zone, or entertainment area without sacrificing the whole pool.

Have Fun With Tiles

Having fun with unique tile designs is a great way to liven up any pool. From adding a pop of color to intricate mosaic designs, pool tiles can create a focal point that stands out. With endless colors, shapes, and sizes, creating a custom design that makes a splash is easy.

Incorporate personalized tiles with your unique slogan, logo, or initials for the utmost custom touch. With the help of a pool builder, you can have the best custom swimming pool.

Understanding the Custom Pool Ideas

With so many choices, there’s something for everyone – from Mediterranean designs to infinity pools. Whether you decide to go with a classic design or choose a modern touch, make sure to consult with a professional to ensure your project is built correctly and with great results! Overall, custom pool design ideas are a great way to create an outdoor living space that you will enjoy for years.

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