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The Easiest Dog Tricks To Teach

Are you the proud owner of a new furry friend?

Good for you! Dogs make fantastic companions and friends. The best part about having a dog is that you can teach them tricks and watch as they learn and grow.

Most people want to teach their dogs the easiest dog tricks. You may also want to impress your friends by showing off your dog’s newly-learned abilities.

To help you, here are the easiest dog training tricks to teach your dog.


Sit is the easiest of the bunch. You can start with your dog’s favorite treat. Hold it before your pup’s muzzle and raise it slightly.

As their nose follows the treat, their back legs will move into a proper sitting position. Then reward them with praise and treats.

Roll over

Dog rollover is among the most popular and accessible dog tricks to teach. It’s a great way to show off your pup’s smarts and easy to master for you and your pup.

Begin by having your dog sit in front of you and place a treat on the floor right before them. Show them the treat, then say “roll over” as you move their paw to their other side and use your other hand to give them an encouraging push towards the ground. When they roll over and touch the treat, reward them.

Shake Hands

Dog handshake is a fun way to bond with your pup. All you need to do is hold out your hand, say the word “shake,” and offer a treat when your dog touches their paw to your hand.

You can make it more interesting by placing two different toys or treats in each hand, so your pup has to decide which to choose. Keep repeating the phrase and offering a reward each time your dog does as instructed.


The most important part of teaching your pup to fetch is to get them to associate something with the concept. Before starting, grab an item your dog loves that will fit in its mouth.

Once you have this item, toss it across a room and say something like “fetch” to get them to catch on. If they pick up the item and bring it back, reward your pup with verbal praise and their favorite treat.

Play Dead

Start by providing treats for your pup during the process to reinforce their learning. Have your puppy sit, then give a cue word, like “play dead.”

Next, take a treat and hold it in front of their nose and give the command “down.” As your pup moves into the down position, move the treat away from his nose and into his chest as they complete the trick.

Once they’ve mastered the trick, you can add cues like “bang!” to complete the scheme. Dog training needs a lot of consistency and positive reinforcement; your dog can play dead like a pro before you know it.

Try These Easy Dog Tricks Today

These dog tricks can easily be taught to even novice dog owners. With consistent and positive reinforcement, your pup can learn.

Why not give these tricks a try? It may start a beautiful relationship between you and your pup.

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