My Guide To Creating The Best Wedding Photo Album 

Every couple tying the knot dreams about enjoying the perfect wedding day and having stunning photos to prove it. To ensure that your personalised wedding photo albums look the business, there are a number of important things that you need to get right…

Getting Organised

The best wedding photo album doesn’t create itself – it’s put together by two people in love that want to share the details of their romantic story with family and friends. Before you can do that, it’s absolutely essential that you spend some time getting organized.

After the wedding, you’re likely to have a mountain of images of your special day that need to be sorted and curated. Take your time browsing and selecting the best images from your stash, in terms of image quality and personal preferences.

Look through all of your photographs and organize them into three piles – poor quality, good, and great! Only select the good and great snaps. Blurry and low-resolution images have no place in the best wedding photo album.

Photo Selecting

Now that you’ve sorted through your pile of wedding photos, and have separated the good from the bad, it’s time to hone your photography skills by focusing on quality.

It’s common to end up with a selection of shots that are all fairly similar in composition and arrangement, especially if you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer and also have many keen amateur photographers amongst your VIP guests. To make the job of choosing between two or more same images much easier, simply select the snap that has a higher resolution.

A photo-sharing app like Dropbox can help to enhance the lower resolution of any photos that have been sent to you by a guest, via a mobile device.

If you and your spouse can’t agree on which shots to include in your wedding album, compromise by taking turns in picking. As long as the photo quality is great, you’ll end up with a beautiful display that will impress anyone who browses your wedding album.

Choosing The Perfect Photo Album

The style and format of your wedding photo book have a big influence on the overall impact that your pictorial arrangement makes. If you want your wedding photos to look spectacular, you need to choose the perfect photo album.

Modern lay-flat photo albums feature layouts that focus on one or two photos at a time and can transform lovely wedding day photos into eye-catching image displays that wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy, high-end magazine.

If you prefer a photo book that is more traditional, it’s worth going bespoke and choosing an elegant hardcover wedding photo album that is stylishly customized with a foil stamped or embossed fabric cover.

Alternatively, you can choose a trendy softcover wedding photo book in a choice of three formats. Personalising it with your favorite romantic image on the cover gives your presentation the wow factor.

Sharing Your Romantic Love Story

For 90-page personalised wedding photo albums, you’re likely to need between 150 and 200 photos. If you have too many snaps, you could easily create a wedding photo album series. If you’re lacking in high-quality images for your display, it’s a good idea to rely on a few professional tricks to make your photos look amazing…

Keep your photo arrangements looking stylish, sleek, and minimalistic by having plenty of white space on the pages.

Evoke emotion by sharing your romantic love story in chronological order. Introduce your wedding day by setting the scene over 1-2 double-page spreads of the photo album’s layout. This is where you can highlight the location, weather, and key characters.

The main event of your big day should be featured in the center pages. Allow 2-5 double spreads for flaunting the best photos of you in your gorgeous wedding gown with your happy spouse, in a mix of posed portraits and relaxed shots.

If you have breathtaking panoramic or aerial photographs, you can also include them in the centerpiece section.

Reserve a further 2-4 double-pages for group shots of your family and friends.

Intimate and candid shots can be dotted throughout your photo album to add impact and interest, or displayed together across 2-5 double-page spreads.

If your wedding photography style is reportage, you’re likely to have additional snaps of the finer details that make a big difference to a special day. Images of your wedding prep and candid moments spent with parents or bridesmaids can help to replicate the wonderful emotional experience of your wedding.

The most emotive shot of the happy couple is perfect for summing up the entire day. Present it as the final image in your display.

Adding The Perfect Finishing Touches

To draw attention to the best wedding photo album, it’s vital that you pay attention to the little extras that add the perfect finishing touches.

• Pick your favorite photo for the front cover display.

• Dress up your stunning cover art with stylish and elegant typography.

• Narrate your wedding day from start to finish, by adding page titles, such as ‘ceremony’, ‘reception’, ‘first dance’ etc.

• Include captions, comments, and anecdotes to bring each photo to life.

• Adding paper mementos, like your wedding invite and a map of the wedding venue location, makes the arrangement even more unique and special.

Your personalised wedding photo albums will now be the most stylish and best.

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