How Often Is Physical Therapy Needed For Back Pain?

Back pain is something that affects us all at some point or another. However, sometimes it can move from annoying to unbearable. If your back pain has become chronic and you aren’t sure what to do about it, you might be wondering about physical therapy. How long would it take and often would you have to go?

The time spent in physical therapy varies per person. However, with the right doctor and physical therapist, you can work to strengthen your body and stop the back pain at its source instead of treating the symptoms. Supplements and pain medicines can also help to relax your body and release your pain.

How Often is Physical Therapy Needed for Back Pain?

Physical therapy is any kind of physical training or exercise that helps you to live without pain. In many cases, physical therapy is used to recover after an injury or illness has weakened your body. Physical therapy is also used for those with chronic pain. If you are looking for a therapist near you, you can check Area Guides.

If you suffer from back pain, there’s a chance that you need physical therapy. You will go once or twice a week depending on your needs and issues. As you begin to strengthen your back muscles, you might go fewer times or have less work to do.

Once your pain is resolved or to a more manageable level, you’ll be able to stop going to physical therapy. The techniques and exercises that your licensed physical therapist taught you will help you stay strong and keep your back from hurting any more than normal.

When is Physical Therapy Necessary For Back Pain?

If you have chronic back pain and are wondering whether you’ll be in pain forever, the answer is no. There are several ways to adjust your life around your back pain and make good physical and lifestyle choices to ease your pain somewhat. One of the most official ways to address back pain is with physical therapy.

There are dietary changes you can make and supplements to take, including essential oils for back pain. If it continues to be extremely painful and difficult to live with your pain, you might want to consider adding physical therapy to your treatment regimen.

Consult your primary care physician or back specialist to get a prescription for physical therapy. A professional opinion can increase your confidence and help you choose the right physical therapist for your back needs and pain.

How Often Will I Need to Go To Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is an extremely individual process. When you attend for the first time, your physical therapist will conduct a physical exam. Using the notes from your doctor, the exam, and your general health, the two of you will create a plan for increasing your health and decreasing overall pain.

For many patients, physical therapy starts twice or three times a week and then gradually gets less often as the patient begins to heal. You might begin by going in twice a week to establish a system of care but will eventually dwindle to once a week or less.

The process of healing might be a slow one at first, but physical therapy is one of the most sure-fire ways to accomplish it. By working with a medical professional to train your muscles and increase strength, you will naturally decrease the strain on your lower back.

When Will I Be Done With Physical Therapy?

Although it might take a while to see the results you want, you will eventually be able to stop going to physical therapy. Patients leave physical therapy once their health goals are met. These are the same goals that you will create in your first session.

For many people, the length of time spent going to therapy depends directly on how well they follow the physical therapist’s instructions. You will be given exercises and strength training techniques to practice at home. If you don’t do these as often as required, you will be going to physical therapy longer.

However, patients who do everything right and treat their bodies well will find that they will gain strength and feel less pain as their sessions continue. It might be a few months or a few years, but you will eventually be able to stop going to physical therapy and live a low-pain lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Although physical therapy is a time commitment, you will be glad you put the effort in once your chronic pain lessens. You might need to go to physical therapy once or twice a week for a few months to notice a difference in your health.

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