5 SMS Marketing Tips For Greater Engagement

It’s reported that 96% of American adults own a cellphone, but 15% don’t have access to the internet through their mobile devices. That means a market of approximately 52.5 million Americans that can only receive marketing through SMS.

Suppose you’re running an SMS marketing campaign; how do you ensure it will result in customer engagement? You’re limited to 160 characters for a regular SMS text and 1,600 for an MMS message.

So if you’re interested in reaching more customers via this channel, keep reading because we’ve got the hottest SMS marketing tips.

Tip 1: Send Targeted Messages

A good way to manage your SMS campaign is to fine-tune your target audiences. Take your time to set up recipient groups. This way, you can get your text campaigns to target specific demographics.

For example, you can sort your recipient groups by:

  • Biggest spenders
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Most active
  • Location
  • Interests and hobbies

Ultimately the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing ways to categorize your customer base. So long as they make sense to you.

Tip 2: Used Personalized Messages

Mass SMSes can become very impersonal if you’re not careful, which can turn off many potential clients. Using software to make your text campaigns can make them feel more individual and has a higher chance of becoming a sales conversion. For example, sending personalized messages is one of the benefits of Salesforce SMS integration.

You also want to use conversation language and include a good CTA. Finally, be respectful of your audience and stick to business hours only for your SMS marketing messages.

Tip 3: Run Competitions and Sweepstakes

To increase your customer engagement, you should run contests or giveaways where customers can win something if they opt-in. You don’t need to run these very often, but 1-3 times a year can significantly improve your client engagement.

For example, if you want to get more subscribers, people can send you or a designated phone number a magic keyword. From there, you pick a random winner.

Tip 4: Use SMS Software

If you have a small customer base, sending out your SMSes individually may not be too much to handle, but once you start gaining more customers, you’ll need to find another way to send your SMS marketing messages.

With SMS marketing software, you can also track your CTA performance to see which campaigns perform better.

Tip 5: Add an ‘Opt-Out’ Option

While we all want our customers to remain as such, some customers will want to unsubscribe from receiving your SMS marketing messages. Include an opt-out message notifying you to remove them from future messages.

If you’re using SMS marketing software, the sender may be automatically subscribed; otherwise, you will have to remove them manually.

Forge Ahead With These Great SMS Marketing Tips

SMS is a powerful way to communicate with millions of people, and if you know what you’re doing, it can be a very profitable way to market your business. Give some of these SMS marketing tips on your next text campaign and see the difference in your customer engagement.

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