5 Common Errors with Buying Health Supplements and How to Avoid Them

The online supplement and vitamin market are continuing to rise. In fact, the industry grew by nearly 17% between 2019 and 2023! Too many people make costly errors when buying health supplements, though.

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when buying supplements online. Reviewing these tips will help you shop with your health in mind.

1. Not Checking Labels

Before making any final purchases, always check each product’s label.

Don’t believe every marketing claim you read when choosing between products. Instead, check the label for certifications. These might include approval from:

  • NSF International
  • United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

Finding these certifications on the supplements you’re considering can help you feel more confident in your choice. These manufacturers follow proper standards to ensure you receive the best possible products.

When reviewing product labels, don’t forget to check the list of ingredients. Only purchase the vitamins and supplements you need to accomplish your health goals.

Not sure what types of health supplements to purchase? Visit a doctor before shopping online. Ask them to check you for vitamin deficiencies.

With their help, you can choose the supplements you need. For example, you can find brain vitamins for studying here.

Otherwise, taking unnecessary supplements could do more harm than good.

2. Never Researching Brands

Before checking out, research the health supplement provider. Confirm you’re choosing a licensed, reputable brand. If the company has any serious complaints filed against them, remove them from your list of options.

Consider how long the company has run and operated. Check the National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplements website, too. Make sure each brand on your list is included in their directory.

Checking this directory will confirm the company doesn’t have any FDA recalls against them.

3. Ignoring Tainted Products

Always check the FDA’s tainted product list before purchasing supplements online. Checking the FDA’s list will give you peace of mind you’re choosing quality products.

Some companies have traces of metal, bitter orange, or chromium in their products. Avoid these supplements to ensure you’re prioritizing your well-being.

4. Not Reading Reviews

To learn more about each brand, consider reading online customer reviews. Check the company’s Better Business Bureau profile and Google Business listing.

The reviews on the company’s website were likely hand-picked to help the company appear reputable. Checking other resources can give you a better picture of the company and its products.

5. Never Comparing Prices

Make sure you’re getting a fair price for the supplements you’re considering. Comparing supplement prices will help you determine the average cost of each supplement.

Don’t rush to choose extremely cheap products. Instead, consider extreme price drops a red flag.

Do your due diligence to choose high-quality products that suit your budget.

Avoid These Errors With Buying Health Supplements

Don’t make these common errors when buying health supplements online. Otherwise, you could put your health at risk. Instead, do your due diligence and use these tips to find the best products available.

With the right supplements, you can support your health goals for 2023.

Searching for more tips? You’re on the right blog.

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