Top 5 Video Editing Tips That Will Boost Sales

Are you looking for actionable editing tips to enhance your marketing videos?

One cannot deny that the hype around marketing videos has grown lately. With videos touching the brink of making up to 82% of total internet traffic, brands are increasingly resorting to visual content to market their products to the world. Adding visual elements to your marketing mix is a sure-fire way to reach a bigger audience. Sales videos that professionally showcase brand offerings can work wonders for boosting conversions and return on investment (ROI). In fact, thoughtfully edited marketing clips have the power to convert viewers into lifelong customers.

However, it is crucial that you optimize your video content for SEO to rank well on the result pages of different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you are keen to increase sales through marketing videos, you must up your editing game to produce fruitful results. Reliance on a feature-packed online video editor can eliminate complexities from your marketing journey by helping you create jaw-dropping sales video content. 

Here are our five favorite editing tips that can spruce up your marketing strategy and skyrocket sales to a great extent.

1. Deploy an online video editor 

Gone are the days when you had to spend several hours downloading heavy video editing software on your desktop. Now, you can easily edit your sales videos by deploying a cloud-based editing solution that does not ask for any downloads. But you must select an online video editor that comes armed with a user-friendly interface to ensure utmost convenience.

Once you have chosen a decent web-based editor, the next step is to pick a thematic template that resonates perfectly with your sales approach. Use the inbuilt features of the video editor to customize templates to make the sales video look unique. Moreover, you can spice up your marketing videos with animated text to complement the sales pitch and facilitate an easy understanding of your products.

2. Enrich your videos with music and stock footage

Marketing videos that lack quality audio and stock footage fail to produce the desired outcomes. Filming your own footage might prove to be an expensive affair. Apart from investing in filming hardware, you will have to spend extra on hiring a professional videographer, which will take a hefty toll on your pocket. But there is no need to worry as the massive media library of online video editors can serve as a quick fix for the issue at hand. 

Be it the aerial footage of gorgeous mountains or 4K clips of playful ginger cats; you will find stock footage of all types online. Apart from the high-resolution footage, the media library will also give you access to swaths of background tracks that will enhance the appeal of your marketing videos. Make sure you add encouraging music into your marketing videos to inspire potential buyers and drive product sales quickly.

3. Employ the right mix of effects and transitions 

Using the right effects and transitions is vital for lending a cinematic feel to marketing videos. With a modern video editor at your service, you will get to experiment with plenty of cool effects that will impart zing to your sales videos. Moreover, you must also add transitions like the fade-in-out feature and jump cuts to connect shots seamlessly throughout the clip.

Above all, the colors you use must correspond to and balance out with the other factors to ensure consistency. The good news is that many video editors boast automatic color correction features that can instantly make sales videos look more professional. 

4. Use evocative call-to-actions

It is a known fact that human beings require impetus and motivation to act. Videos packed with evocative language can quickly move customers to the next stage of the sales funnel. However, you should be extremely careful with your word choice while crafting call-to-actions (CTAs) for your videos. Keep the CTA concise and add it right before the finish, encouraging, if not prompting, your viewers to take action!  

It is recommended that you use emotionally charged words so that your CTAs become impactful enough to pave the way for more sales in less time.

5. Trim your marketing videos to the right length 

We all live in a fast-paced era where people are bound by the hustle and bustle that necessitates constant movement. Since the world is perpetually on the go, no one has the time to watch lengthy videos that cover your entire product range in one go. Sales videos that are too long can instill boredom and drive viewers away much faster than you expect. Hence it is crucial to cut your videos to the ‘right’ length to ensure high engagement levels.

The recommended duration for marketing videos is between 60 seconds to 3 minutes. However, this is just a suggestion, and you can figure out the optimal length for your videos depending on several factors. These include your target audience, marketing niche, the platforms where you will upload the content, etc. No matter the length, the first 5 seconds of your video should be adequately catchy, or your viewers will end up clicking away.


It is no secret that businesses worldwide are tapping into the potential of videos to boost sales. A staggering 81% of marketers claim to have increased sales through videos alone. When it comes to editing videos for marketing purposes, you should surpass preconceived boundaries and unleash your creativity to the fullest. Contrary to popular belief, you need not hold a degree in video making to tweak your videos with the necessary edits.

Thanks to the availability of web-based video-making tools, you can edit your videos like a professional within minutes. The credit for the growing popularity of visual content goes to leading video-sharing portals like YouTube and Vimeo. Given that competition is fierce in the world of sales marketing, you must leverage your video-editing expertise to get your offerings noticed by potential customers.

Deploying the right tech stack will increase your chances of closing sales alongside ensuring long-term business growth. So, make sure the tips mentioned above are put into practice to attract more customers and accelerate sales faster than ever.

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