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Kasol, the name is enough to trigger the adventurer out of anyone. A small village on the banks of the Parvati river, Kasol is a very famous trekking destination in Himachal Pradesh.

Commonly known by several other names like ‘Amsterdam of India’ Kasol is the most exciting place to visit.

The mesmerizing vibe of Kasol does not leave the visitor easily. Many scenic mountain ranges and green valleys are witnesses of that.

People from all the corner of the world are found here to get lost in the amazing surroundings. Adventure lovers, people who love nature, and people looking for peace will find Kasol as the most perfect destination to visit.

The high white mountain peaks attract the daredevils and the quaint green rejuvenating valleys invite many campers for unforgettable stays.

Due to the popularity of Kas.ol, several options are also available for tourists related to accommodation, transport, and guidance for innumerable sports or activities.

Plan a tour for a weekend or more, Kasol is highly populated and easily accessible from all the corners of the country.

Some of the famous camps are Kabila camping, Kheerganga camping, Mahadev river view camping, and many more.

Either a trained or a fresher, tourists can enjoy Kasol to the fullest.

The river view, dense forests, meadow, and many other natural landscapes make the trail very beautiful and fun to opt for.

Kasol has several fixed packages as well for the tourists to experience this exciting place with full comfort.

Explore the beauty of risky terrains of Kasol along with the hospitable services of Locals. Do take a taste of their life and their food once, it will be the taste like no other. Which might also be available in campsites.

Here we have our top 5 favorite camps with all the detailed information.

Top 5 Camps in Kasol

  1. Kabila Camp: A luxurious campsite in Kas,ol is Kabila camp. With all the modern amenities, this camp is located just 4km away from Kasol and in the center of Parvati valley.

Book a stay in the domes or a luxurious swiss tents, both at advisable rates are nested in nature. Embrace the natural beauty of Kasol in this camp with comfort.

Along with a camping plan for adventurous sports like river rafting and Paragliding.

  • Mahadeva River View camp: The exciting campsite near the Parvati river is an amazing camp to visit when in Kasol.

The view of the river in the front and the high green ranges in the background is a place to be.

Reside in the perfectly comfortable tents with friends and family, and enjoy the exciting things to do near the river valley.

Filled with all the necessary items, enjoy the chilly nights of Kasol in front of a bonfire and delicious food.

  • Orchards camp: A peaceful and yet exciting spot to set a camp in Kasol is Orchards camp. The unique activity to do near this campsite includes a Hot Spring bath.

Sightseeing and hiking are other things to do at this campsite. Just a 5 minutes walk from Kasol Market place, Orchards camp is an escape from the city life.

  • Parvati woods camp: Another campsite just walking distance away from the city center, Parvati woods camp gives its introduction in its name only.

A beautiful campsite is filled with endless amenities like restaurants and whatnot. Explore the local settlements and the culture along with the natural beauty of Kasol.

But do not get lost in the beauty of the camp but also experience the breathtaking activities like mountaineering, trekking, fishing, and many more.

All these are the activities commonly known in Kasol so explore the adventurer inside.

  • Jalpa camps:  Enjoy Hot water spring, hiking, cycling, and many more with your pet. Yes! An amazing campsite suitable for pets is just 2km away from Kasol.

Very close to Kasol, Jalpa camps give the full hippie vibes to tourists. Bike tours, fishing are some of the known activities to make the day busy for the tourists.

Have lunch or dinner in the open outdoor dining area with all the safety. The delicious food and the comfortable stay at the tents with all the required amenities are the real catch of this campsite.

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