The Benefits Of Using GCP vs AWS

Nowadays, folks can’t imagine a life without the cloud ecosystem at their fingertips, the ability to access all documents whenever and wherever, without having access to a desktop or laptop. Its popularity and usefulness have ensured that there are thousands of options when it comes to cloud computing.

But GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and AWS (Amazon Web Services) are the two giants in cloud infrastructure. Wondering what the differences are between GCP vs AWS? Keep reading to find out.

User Interface

GCPs user interface is quite superior to that of AWS, being more intuitive to use. There are also good default options whenever you want to provision anything, so you can deploy whatever you wish in a couple of clicks.

This is akin to all of their other products and services, the best example being Google itself, the search engine, which is simple to use even for a 2-year-old child.

AWS, on the other hand, is clunky and hard to navigate and use. It’s easy to get lost in the documentation and interface, so you might spend hours just figuring out how to use the interface before even getting any useful work done.

And if you were going to search for help in the documentation that AWS provides, you would be even more lost. It’s a nightmare to navigate as well. You could end up drowning in reference pages, spending hours when it should have taken minutes.

Integrated Services

You are probably already using many Googles services, like the search engine, Google Chrome, Google Docs, Gmail, etc. And GCP is just another service to add to the list.

Once you work with one of Google’s services, all the others become more intuitive and easier to use as well. Also, GCP does a good job itself of integrating its GCP DevOps services and others, so it makes it easier on you to build up from nothing.

GCP might have fewer products than AWS, but they are more complete and well-integrated with the rest of the ecosystem. AWS product names and packaging is very confusing and hard to understand. It’s a mess that you don’t want to wade through.


AWS is much more expensive than GCP, but that’s not only the cost of its services. If you account for the time, manpower, and expertise it takes to use AWS; the cost difference is even greater.

For example, a task that might take a day or two to do in GCP could very well take you a week to do in AWS.

GCP vs AWS – Make the Right Choice

If your time and funds are limited and you are deciding between GCP vs AWS, then the choice is clear. GCP comes out as the winner all around.

GCP offers a 90-day free trial, so you could try it first to see if you like it before committing to it.

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