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How To Pick Shingle Colors That Compliment Your Home

Are you looking for the right shingle colors that work best for your home? How do you choose the colors for your home and make it pop?

Everyone wants their home to stand out from the rest. A few elements make a house unique, like unique colors.

Yet, picking colors is a lot easier than you think. With guidance, you can choose ideal tints that make your home feel like home.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a quick guide on choosing shingles. Read along to learn more!

Color of the House

If you’re looking to add some curb appeal to your home with a new coat of shingles, consider the color of your house when making your selection. Roof colors complimenting your home can make all the difference in the overall look of your property. Consider using darker shingles to create contrast if you have a light-colored place.

For a darker house, light-colored shingles can help brighten up the look of your home. If you need help determining what will work best, ask a professional for their opinion before making your final decision.

Types of Siding

There are many types of siding, each with its unique look and feel. Brick, stone, wood, metal, and vinyl are all popular choices.

Some of the most popular types of siding include vinyl siding, aluminum siding, and wood siding. Each type of siding has its pros and cons, so it is essential to research before deciding.


Dark colors absorb heat, which can be good in cold climates, as it can help the house stay warm. But in hot climates, dark colors can make the house too hot, and the air conditioning will have to work harder to keep it cool. A slate roof repair in summer could help it work better.

Light colors reflect heat, so they can help keep the house cooler in hot climates. But in cold temperatures, light colors can make the house feel colder.

Type of Home

There are many types of homes, from small cottages to large mansions. Each type of home has its unique style, and the kind of home you have will play a significant role in deciding what roof color shingles to choose.

If you have a small cottage, choose a lighter color shingle to make the house look more prominent. If you have a large mansion, choose a darker shingle to make it look more stately.

Get Ready to Change Your Shingle Colors

It is essential to choose shingle colors that complement your home’s facade. When selecting shingles, view them in direct sunlight and shaded areas to see how they will look in your home.

When selecting, it is also essential to consider the colors of your home’s trim and other features. With careful planning, you can choose what will give your home a perfect look.

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