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6 Common Errors in Commercial Pest Control and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that termites cause $5 billion in damages?

Apart from hurting cash flow, pests can also pose health risks to employees. An excellent commercial pest control plan helps to keep pests out, reducing the risks to your people, brand, and business. But how do you know that your plan is good?

Read on for the key don’ts to avoid errors in commercial pest control.

1. Taking Shortcuts

Taking shortcuts is one of the most common errors in commercial pest control. Shortcuts may seem like an easy and effective way to eliminate pests.

However, in reality, taking shortcuts in commercial pest control can lead to more harm. Inadequate correction of entry points and missing essential steps can lead to a resurgence of the pest population.

2. Not Scheduling Regular Pest Control

Regular termite treatment is necessary to prevent future infestations from happening. The problem will likely resurface without regularly scheduled treatments. Doing a single pest control treatment may provide temporary relief.

Business owners should consult with a professional pest control company. This will help to establish an appropriate schedule for their pest control needs.

3. Relying on Single Pesticides

Relying on a single pesticide for commercial pest control can be a standard error. To avoid this error, a comprehensive approach to pest control should be utilized that combines multiple IPM techniques. This includes exclusion, sanitation, and proper application of various pesticides.

Use of the least toxic pesticide with the most effective coverage should be carefully chosen and applied.

4. Improper Equipment Use

Incorrect use of sprayers and other equipment can lead to ineffective treatments. It can even damage structures, furniture, or buildings.

It is essential to properly read and understand pest control equipment instructions and safety warnings before use. Additionally, all safety protocols should be followed closely.

5. Unsafe Pest Control

One of the most common errors is using the wrong product type or incorrect amounts. Applying more than the recommended amount of a pest control product can cause adverse health effects.

Using a product not designed for the type of pests can also result in unsafe practices. Proper preparation for an area is a great way to avoid unsafe practices and ensure the safety of workers and customers.

6. Pest Isn’t Correctly Identified

Common errors in commercial pest control often occur when an incorrect type of pest identification is made. Incorrect pest identification can lead to pest populations growing uncontrollably and further infestation.

Different pests require different treatments and the correct one must be applied for satisfactory results. To avoid this, correctly identifying the pest in question is essential. It is also important to recognize the potential for false positives, such as an insect that looks like a pest but is beneficial to the environment.

Fixing Common Errors in Commercial Pest Control

Pest control is necessary for sustaining a healthy and comfortable commercial environment, but it can also be associated with a few common errors. Taking precautions to avoid these errors in commercial pest control can give business owners the confidence that their facility is being well-taken care of and protected against pests. Business owners should ensure that they determine their pest problem, choose solutions and equipment wisely, and take the time to inspect and monitor regularly.

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