A Useful Guide To Packaging Box Types

Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed said the materials used to package a product often influence the decision to purchase.

Packaging has become a key part of the marketing mix. It has the potential to influence consumers’ perceptions, purchase decisions, and loyalty.

The type of packaging materials can have a direct effect on the product itself. It protects it from damage, preserves its freshness, and prevents spoilage.

If you are looking for a guide to the different types of packaging boxes, then this article is for you.

Folding Carton Boxes

Folding carton boxes come from a single piece of paperboard. You fold the material together to form a shape and then glue it at the seams.

Folding carton boxes are available in many sizes, shapes, and styles, including gable tops, end flaps, and end lids. You can use them for many applications, such as boxes for shipping, retail displays, and gift boxes.

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Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are made of corrugated fiberboard, a tough material made from recycled paper. The corrugations give the box strength and rigidity, while the paperboard inside helps absorb shock.

You can use rigid boxes for storing products like food and beverages. They also work well with delicate items that need protection from breakage during transport.

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes are the perfect choice for businesses that have unique packaging needs. The manufacturer can make these boxes from any material, including cardboard, plastic, and foam.

If you want to create a custom box for your business, then it’s best to contact a box supplier. The supplier can help you choose the right material and design for your needs.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes are a splendid choice for businesses that need to package items that are irregularly shaped.

The manufacturer will use a computer-controlled die to cut out the shape of your product. Then, they will apply glue to the edge of each side and press it against another piece of cardboard or plastic for extra strength.

This allows you to hold irregularly shaped items in place without using tape or glue.

Chipboard Boxes

A chipboard box is a type of shipping container made from wood pulp and other materials. The box is durable and water-resistant.

It’s used to protect heavy items, such as books or electronics.

Chipboard boxes are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They’re popular with retailers who sell these products online because they provide a safe way to transport them.

Types of Packaging Boxes: Pick One That Works for You

There are many types of packaging boxes to choose from. Some are more durable than others, and some are better suited for shipping certain products than others.

You’ll want to research your options carefully before making a purchase. The type of box you choose will depend on the product you’re shipping and how long it will take to get there.

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