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Let’s read about Tina Louise Net Worth. Tina Louise (born June 8, 1942) is an American actress best known for her role as Laura Ingalls Wilder in the CBS children’s television series Little House on the Prairie. Let’s read more about Tina Louise Net Worth.

A popular icon of the 1960s and 1970s, she was named “the most beautiful woman in America” by Life Magazine. In 2002, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She currently holds four Guinness World Records: Longest serving actress with one television series in prime time; Highest salary paid to any woman for an entertainment program (1981); Most Emmy Awards won by an actress in prime time; Highest salary paid for being a regular cast member on a TV series (1981).

Tina Louise Net Worth

She has earned a net worth of $10 million, which is what she earns from her acting career.

Tina Louise’s net worth is $8 million. This includes her earnings as an actress and as a writer on The Beverly Hillbillies (1962) and Green Acres (1965-71). In addition to this, she also wrote several episodes of Petticoat Junction in 1965-66.

She made an appearance in the movie Heathers (1988), which was based on the Broadway musical play by Stephen Sondheim that starred John Lithgow and Winona Ryder.[1] In addition to this, Tina Louise has written several books including “A Book About Men” published by Simon & Schuster in 2007.[2] She also appeared with Joan Rivers at a benefit concert for tolerance held at Carnegie Hall during which they sang duets together.[3]

tina louise net worth

  • Tina Louise is a former American television actress and singer. She was best known for playing the role of Florence Henderson in the sitcom The Brady Bunch from 1969 to 1974.
  • Tina Louise Net Worth: $1.5 million
  • Tina Louise Salary: $500k per episode (1979–1981) – $150k per episode (1992–1995)

Tina Louise Net Worth: $1.5 million Tina Louise Salary: $500k per episode (1979–1981) – $150k per episode (1992–1995) -The Brady Bunch was a popular American television sitcom that ran from 1969 to 1974 on ABC. The series centered around a blended family with six children. The show was created by Sherwood Schwartz, who wanted to create a program that would appeal to all of the family members—adults and children alike.

About Tina Louise

Tina Louise is a producer and actress. She was born in Hollywood, California on October 3rd, 1939. She is known for her work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977), Taxi (1978-1983) and Murphy Brown (1988-1998).

Her net worth is $1.5 million dollars

and her salary per episode is $200,000. She has been married to Michael Tucker since 1980. They have three children together.

Tina Louise’s Early Life, Childhood, and Education

Tina Louise was born on 27th February 1936 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents were Ella Mae Clifton and Charles Francis Clifton Jr., a real estate developer who later became the president of the University of Southern California’s medical school.

She has three siblings: two brothers (Geraldine and Gerald) and one sister (Margaret).

Tina Louise’s Career, Salary and Net Worth

Tina Louise’s career, salary and net worth have all been affected by her role in “Gilligan’s Island.” She played the character of Mary Ann Summers who was a TV reporter. In addition to her role on the show, she also won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 1964.

Her salary during this time period was $6,200 per episode which put her at #3 on our list of highest paid actresses at that time period because of this!

Tina Louise’s Rumors and Controversy

Tina Louise is not married and has never been married. She has been involved in a few controversies, including being accused of being racist, homophobe and transphobic. Read more about zorayr mikael manukyan-zakaryan

Tina Louise was also involved in an Islamaphobia controversy after she wrote that Muslims were terrorists and should be banned from entering the United States (a view shared by Donald Trump).

Tina Louise Body Measurements

  • Tina Louise Height: 5’2″
  • Tina Louise Weight: 120 lbs. (lbs)
  • Tina Louise Body Measurements: 34-25-34, or 36-24-36 (inches)
  • Tina Louise Bra Size: 32C or 30D; dress size 8/10

tina louise net worth will take you through all there is to know about tina louise net worth including her properties, earnings, investments and many more.

  • Tina Louise’s net worth is $2 million.
  • Tina Louise owns a house in Los Angeles, California.
  • Her car is a black BMW M6 convertible that she bought in 2015 for $115,000 and has since kept updated with new parts and accessories such as a new engine and transmission.
  • She has invested in several different companies such as Real Ventures and Corum Group Holdings Corp., which are both private companies focused on technology investments as well as real estate development projects.[11]


Tina Louise Net Worth is a very well known singer, songwriter and actress. She has been in the industry for decades now and her net worth is estimated to be $100 million. With all this fame comes some controversy as well as rumors about what she really got paid when she was working on certain projects or how much time she spent in between albums while they were being created. We hope this article has helped you gain an understanding of what makes up Tina Louise’s wealth today!

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