Push Back Racks: 5 Benefits You Should Know About

Ready to get a push-back rack? 11.1% of the market in 2021 was made up of push-back racking systems.

Installing push back racks in your business is a smart move. If your walls can accommodate one, this extra storage is a space-saver you’ll use every day – storing buckets, bottles, and so much more out of view and without needing to disassemble them.

With new businesses popping up in all markets, you need a push-back rack solution that allows you to store products while freeing up space.

Read on, and we’ll show you why those benefits are so significant.

1. Increased Storage Capacity

Push back racking is a type of storage system where racks are placed on sloped rails. By using a push back system, businesses can increase the number of products they can store in a given area.

This is because each storage lane can hold multiple pallets, which are pushed back on a track as more pallets are added. This allows businesses to make better use of their available space and store more products without having to invest in additional storage racks.

2. Used in a Variety of Settings

Push back racks are versatile, and you can use them in several settings and applications. You can apply them in office spaces, retail stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

They are ideal for storing heavy or bulky items in high-density and low-density storage applications.

3. Greater Flexibility

It can provide your business with greater flexibility when it comes to storage. For example, it can allow for easier inventory management and improved organization within your warehouse.

With push back racks, you can have more than one row of products stored on each rack, which can give you the ability to store more products in the same amount of space.

Also, it can provide easier access to products and allow for better utilization of your storage space.

4. Better Protection

Using push back racks and wire mesh can prevent items from falling off the racks and onto the ground. Also, they can help keep the products from being damaged by wind or other weather conditions.

Additionally, push back racks can keep the items on the frame from sliding around and being scratched or damaged. Finally, the shelves themselves are often made of durable design and robust materials, such as steel, which can withstand damage.

5. Lower Costs

There are many benefits of push back racks that can save you money. One of the biggest benefits is that it can help you reduce your inventory costs.

You can store more products in the same area, which can help you free up space in your warehouse for other uses. Also, push back racks can help you reduce your labor costs. This is because it takes less time to load and unload products from these racks.

Finally, push-back racks can help you reduce your energy costs. This is because they allow you to store products closer together, which can reduce the amount of time your forklifts have to travel.

Understand These Push Back Racks Benefits

Overall, there are many benefits to push back racks, including the fact that they can help you save space, use them in a variety of settings, provide greater flexibility and better protection, and save you money.

If you are looking for a way to improve your warehouse or storage facility, push back racks may be the perfect solution for you. Contact a storage expert today to learn more about push back racks and how they can benefit your business.

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