Laser Marking: The Ultimate Guide

Silicon wafers need to be marked with lasers during the manufacturing process. To mark semiconductor packages permanently, a concentrated beam of light is used in optical laser machines.

Lasers are more than just words. It is an optical device that creates specialized light particles by stimulating an atom in order to target them at specific locations. This can be accomplished with accuracy by using a laser marking system.

As part of the manufacturing process, laser marking can be used to track wafers as they are routed through the process. In order to do this, the laser markings will need to be automatically read by an automatic reading device. As well as this, there must be no adverse effects caused by the marking on the underlying processes, and there must be no resulting damage to the wafer. It is essential that you keep it as perfect as possible. You can find more information at

A key part of our overall process involves laser marking silicon wafers.

How is a silicon wafer made?

There is nothing complicated about laser marking. Lasers are used to identify wafers. Almost every electronic device uses wafers, just like semiconductors. There are mirrored surfaces, circular shapes, and flat surfaces on them.

To ensure that silicon wafers remain faultless after laser marking, extreme care must be taken since silicon wafers contain no impurities.

Annexes with laser enhancements

An extremely efficient way to heat surfaces during annealing is by using a laser beam. When oxygen diffuses beneath the surface, it is caused by heat (oxidation). A change in color can be seen after everything has cooled.

It is possible for annealed products to be yellow, red, or green in color. As the temperature changes during the marking process, the color can change as well. In order for the temperature to increase or decrease, there are three factors to consider:

  • A measure of pulse intensity
  • Light speed
  • There is a pass after each line

It is possible to render characters as small as millimeters tall using these lasers. Lasers are used in annealing processes to mark silicon-based wafers because of their excellent results.

Understanding Laser Marking Basics

Computers are required for marking silicon wafers. In this stage of the process, a wafer map appears on the marking document. There are parameters, functions, and other information contained in it. One side of the screen reveals a preview of how the data will be translated into silicon, and on the other there is a picture of the silicon itself.

In order to mark the wafer, the laser marking machine must be set up correctly.In order to mark the wafer, the laser marking machine must be set up correctly. To bring the wafer to the marking station, a mechanical hand is used. Because automated processes are fully automated, they do not require human interaction at any stage.

The laser is aimed at the wafer surface once the machine has determined its target location. The final step is to deliver the project to the receiving box so it can be taken away.

Numerous advantages can be gained from laser marking


Wafer manufacturing requires precision, which can be achieved by laser marking. Featuring superior technology, it captures even the tiniest details with precision and accuracy. It is possible for computers to read markings on silicon wafers as small as a millimeter.


In addition to being fast and precise, laser marking is also extremely precise. From placement to marking to completion, entire silicon wafer stacks can be marked within minutes. Although laser annealing is a slower process, the finish is superb and no residue is left behind.

Surface-only application

Wafer surfaces do not actually lose material when they are marked with lasers. The material underneath the surface only changes color. There is no change in any of the conditions.

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