Interesting Hobbies That Current And Former NFL Players Enjoy

Like any other occupation, the National Football League players also have free time apart from the group and individual training, cup matches, and final matches. Most NFL players have something they participate in or like doing during their free time.

During their off-seasons, some NFL players may decide to participate in giving back to the community; by offering sponsorship, naturing, and coaching the upcoming players. Some may choose to go on a vacation with their families and friends and play at their favorite online casino.

Keep reading to learn about interesting hobbies by the NFL players.

1. Giving Back

Most NFL players; participate in giving back activities during their free time as a way of appreciating. Some NFL players, such as; Devin McCourty, Russell Wilson, and Travis Kelce, like giving back to the community by offering charity to the people and donating money for food. Some offer sponsorship programs by naturing and coaching the upcoming football teams.

Some NFL players, like Jimmy Graham, participate in giving back to the community by fighting racial inequality and also have an organization for developing youth programs. Others offer their support by funding diseases research like cancer and sickle cell. 

Furthermore, NFL players like; Kyle Van Noy, Michael Oher, and Joe Berger took part in adoption as one of the ways of giving back to the community.

Notably, charity is becoming popular among NFL players, and soon, we may have more taking part in charitable events as a way to relax.

2. Gambling

Besides giving back, most NFL players participate in gambling during their free time. Some of the NFL players that like gambling are; Michael Strahan, Michael Vick, Peyton Manning, and John Elway. 

However, the National Football League prohibits players from betting on NFL games. Calvin Ridley of the Atlanta Falcons was suspended for betting on NFL games. This shows how strict they are.

Emmitt Smith, Richard Seymour, and Sammy Watkins are some of the top NHL players that like playing poker in their free time. 

3. Singing  

Like any other hobby, some NFL players enjoy singing in their free time. Justine Tucker; is one of the top NFL players who like singing. Apart from being among the best kickers, he is also a professional singer and performs in Opera. 

Additionally, Justine Tucker can also sing in various languages such as; French, Italian, German, English, Spanish, Latin, Czech, and Russian.

4. Acting

Acting is among the hobbies that involve expressing your emotions and also enhances teamwork. Most NFL players involve themselves in acting during their off-seasons. 

Some of the NFL players that like acting are; Jim Brown, Carl Weathers, Terry Crews, John Amos, and Alex Karras. 

Most of them want to make acting as their professional on their retirement. Furthermore, NFL players like Marshawn Lynch have their shows on Netflix.

5. Traveling

Traveling is another hobby apart from acting that NFL players enjoy. Traveling is significant as it relieves stress lowering the risk of getting depression. It also helps you to know about different people’s cultures and diversity. 

Most NFL players like to travel and even go on vacation with their families and friends. Some NFL players travel to places such as Miami Beach, Sydney, Costa Rica, and others for leisure and relaxation.

NFL players like Jimmy Graham like traveling by flying and taking aerial views during their free time and having fun. Jimmy Graham also has a license as a pilot and has a foundation that offers veterans and children flight in his helicopter so as also to enjoy.

6. Chicken Farming 

 Some NFL players like; Von Miller enjoys participating in chicken farming during their off-season. He has over forty chickens on his farm. In addition, he studied poultry science at Texas A&M and aimed to be a chicken farmer in his retirement as an NHL player.

7. Watching Movies

Watching is another interesting hobby that most NFL players participate in during their free time. They watch their favorite movies on Netflix, Disney, and Amazon. In addition, other NFL players watch movies with their family members and friends.

Final Thought  

Like any other person, the National Football League players also have something they like doing or participating in during their free time. We have discussed interesting hobbies that NFL players enjoy.

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