How To Stay Safe When Jogging

Jogging! Do you love to go out for a daily run? Whether you do it to clear your head or stay in shape, you want to make sure that you’re safe. As many as 60% of women have said that they’ve faced some kind of harassment while they were running. Because you never know if that harassment could potentially turn to assault, you want to keep yourself as safe as possible. Here are some ways you can stay safe while you’re jogging. 

Take Out Your Headphones

When you’re listening to a podcast or your favorite music, you can’t hear what is going on around you. A car could be careening out of control towards you, or someone could come up behind you, and you would have no idea. To be as safe as possible, you should consider listening to the sounds jogging around you. Listen to the birds singing and people talking. Paying more attention to the world around you will be much more relaxing than you probably thought it could be.

Carry Protection

Because perpetrators can strike at any time, you want to carry some kind of protection with you no matter what time of day you go running. Never assume that because it’s the middle of the day that no one will attack you. 

You could choose to carry pepper spray, a collapsible baton, or even a firearm. Before you decide on a form of protection, you want to ensure that it is legal in your state and that you have any necessary permits and licenses to carry it. If you choose to carry a firearm, consider getting concealment leggings. They will allow you to keep your hands free but still have quick access to the weapon if you need it. 

Vary Your Route

If you are running the same route every day, you’re making yourself an easy target for people who might want to harm you. They can sit and wait for you and grab you at an opportune time. If you vary your route, they won’t know where you are going that day and can’t wait for you. 

Face Oncoming Cars

People who are driving cars aren’t always paying as much attention to the road as you might hope they would. Because of that, you want to make sure that you always run facing oncoming traffic, whether you’re on the shoulder of the road or the sidewalk.

When you run facing traffic, you can see if anyone is unsafe in their driving or if an accident will happen. If your back is to the traffic, you won’t know if a car is barrelling towards you. 

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