How To Choose The Best Outdoor Furniture

If you’re preparing for Springtime in the United States, we bet you have your sights set on longer days. On the equinox this year, you’ll have a full twelve hours of sunlight to enjoy—where will you spend them?

It might be time to put some thought into updating your outdoor space.

The key to the functional outdoor design is choosing the right furniture. Savvy homeowners begin by deciding what function they want their space to provide. Do you dream of outdoor dining, entertaining, or a cozy place to relax in the moonlight?

We’ve created this guide to help you curate your porch, patio, fire pit, or other outdoor areas. Read on to discover our top picks for outdoor furniture.

If You’re Designing a Dining Space

If you have a porch, patio, or sunroom with easy access to your kitchen, you’ll love the simple luxury of curating an outdoor dining space. If you plan to grill or entertain, your priority should be to find a dining table set that can weather the elements. A great dining table is a versatile choice that can double as an outdoor workspace.

A new trend in outdoor dining spaces is the outdoor breakfast nook. A small cafe table with two chairs is a darling addition to a garden area or small patio. Add an umbrella to shield you from bright sunlight or sudden showers.

If You’re Designing a Relaxation Space

How do you ensure your outdoor decor looks cozy? One of our favorite tips is to begin with a quick-drying outdoor rug. This will add a pop of color, serving as a comfortable focal point that instantly softens any outdoor space.

From there, the coziness is in the accessories. Decorate your outdoor couches with plenty of weatherproof pillows and cushions, inviting guests to snuggle. Little side tables encourage you to settle in with a drink and enjoy the sunrise.

If You’re Designing an Entertaining Space

If you plan to use your outdoor space to entertain a crowd, it’s a good idea to start researching the best patio furniture brands. When it comes to patio furniture, you get what you pay for. If you’re on a budget, invest more in high-quality seating, which must be durable for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Remember, outdoor furniture has to hold up under direct sunlight and through rain and wind storms—not to mention regular wear and tear! Read reviews, invest in brands you trust, and keep longevity in mind from the start.

Transform Your Outdoor Space With These Design Ideas

When the weather warms up, you’ll be eager to spend as much time outside as possible. If you update the design of your outdoor space using our practical decor ideas, you won’t want to go back indoors! Use the tips above to make a few changes to your outdoor area, and you will find yourself using those lovely, natural spaces more often.

Your home is part of your personal brand. What do you want the world to see when they visit? Browse the rest of the blog for more tips that can help you transform your space to reflect your values.

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