Five Essential Tips to Maintain Electric Transformers

Electrical safety is one of the crucial things that you have to consider. It helps in preventing exceeding damages and inconvenience. You may have heard this many times that prevention is better than cure. Unfortunately, many people learn the lesson in a hard way. But with expert advice on prevention, you can keep yourself away from facing any situation like this. 

To maintain the electric system, you need to pay attention to the transformer. There are some key factors that will help you maintain the system and increase the lifespan.

Read on to explore the factors:

Maintain the Load 

Being a human, when we cannot handle things above our capacity, how come a machinery will do it?

Being overloaded with things leads to destruction and damages that will last longer. Similarly, to the transformer, you need to ensure that it is handling the load for what it is designed for.

Increasing the load on the transformer will affect the functioning and bring damages. You can ensure that the transform is working below the capacity. This will increase the lifespan of the transformer and prevent any damage.

Conduct Checks On the Oil

Just like checking oil level and quality in a vehicle and other operating machinery, you need to ensure that the transformer has the right amount of MOG oil in the main and conservator tank.

If you are inspecting any leaks, consider sealing them. If the oil is affected and the color is changed, you can consider replacing the oil by getting on site oil reclamation by a professional company.

This way, you can improve the functionality and electrical ability of the oil, which will add life to the transformer.

Replace the Silica Gel

The silica gel is one of the essential components of the transformer. This ensures that the machine is working properly and delivering power properly.

There are some simple and effective ways to improve the functionality of the transformer. You can clean the breaking component inside the transformer.

Timely inspection of the silica gel will also prevent malfunctioning. If you identify the changes in the colors of the gel, consider replacing the gel.

Regular Test of the Transformer 

Prevention is key to not facing any situation of inconvenience. When you are working on keeping the transformer functioning well, there are some methods or tests that will prevent the damage from occurring.

The more transformers are expensive, the process to repair them also costs a lot. So, inspect and prevent open circuit faults in your transformer. If you detect any defects by using a multitester, hire a professional electrician for the repair and maintenance of it.

Get an Expert Opinion

It never hurts to ask for professional or expert opinions when operating and maintaining a big piece of machinery.

So, take your time and hire a professional electrician for an annual inspection of the transformer. Even though the transformer is working smoothly, neglecting inspection may bring several reasons and lead to the breakdown of the system.

So, getting help from an expert will save you from costly repairs.

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