Do Healing Frequencies Work! What Are Healing Frequencies?

Healing frequencies is one of the leading alternative medicine you’re likely to come across due to the rapid growth of technology and research in this field.  However many of us are in awe of these new developments. and needs an answer to the following questions; what are healing frequencies? Do they work? How do they operate?

Although not a recent discovery, healing with frequencies has been around for centuries, and many questions have been raised on how effective they have been as alternative healings to various diseases and ailments.

Sounds come in different frequencies and they have different effects on the mind and entire body of a human. Interestingly, sound frequencies heal, among other ranges of electromagnetic frequencies.

The truth about sound frequency therapy

They are the type of therapeutic sound used to induce an abundance of peace by harmonizing the mind and the body. The sounds were consciously designed to be soothing to the ear, such that they even help you with sleep if you struggle with insomnia.

Healing frequencies like all other frequencies are calculated in Hertz (Hz), which is one cycle per second. In this case, sound per second. Other frequencies exist like a swindling pendulum which requires sight. But our focus is currently on sound frequencies and their health & spiritual benefits.

Healing with frequencies has been in existence for ages, they are proven to calm the body and mind as well as enhance meditation which eventually makes it possible to attract an abundance, relax, and peace.

Interestingly, this ancient process of healing has been modernized and made accessible to one and all through technology. It is affordable and user-friendly with no record of side effects.

As the name suggests, “Frequency” means it is a repetitive event, it is in the repetitive stimulation, that the healing takes place, usually subconscious to the user.

For instance, if you are sitting in front of a swinging pendulum with all your concentration & focus, swinging from side to side, in no time you’d probably be lost in the hypnotic effects of the moment, that is an example of frequency.

Type of Frequencies, Including Healing Frequencies

Although developed and transmitted using advanced technology, these frequencies are natural. Several frequencies exist, but here few common frequencies and what they do;

  • There is the pain frequency that eases pains. This frequency handles pains like migraine, back pains, leg pains, and other stress-related pains. It also sends electromagnetic signals   of courage, love, strength, and reassurance to the brain.
  • The meditating frequency makes the meditation journey worthwhile. It is good for professional meditation practitioners and beginners as well. It  allows you to filter distractions from within and around you as you meditate.
  • Brain boost frequency ‘charges’ the mind. This frequency focuses on the alertness of the mind. It helps in peaking the mind’s capacity. This is particularly recommended in the case of memory loss, focus, concentration and other brain-related issues.
  • There is the frequency that gives you ‘hugs’. I use the word hugs because this frequency is a good weapon to fight anxiety, help you overcome fear and other feelings of uncertainty. It literally calms your nerves and helps you catch your breath.
  • DNA repair frequency, yes, you got that right! Repairs the DNA. This frequency does the work of a ‘miracle’. It goes into the DNA and tampers with long-time, gene-related ailments like high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, amongst others.
  • Another interesting frequency connects with your spirituality. It comes in the form of intuition, it is deeper than just your reasoning. This frequency connects your physical self to the spiritual, giving you an understanding of things not unveiled to all.

All these frequencies and more are made available in one device, the Qi Coil, with it, you are certain of experiencing life-changing frequencies and holistic wellness.

You can experience all the above frequencies and more while you meditate, exercise, do yoga, relax, sit, walk, work, sleep, anytime, any day. It is not restricted by time and location; all you have to do is allow these frequencies to stimulate and activate the wellness processes, a couple of minutes each day,  and you are sure to join the millions of happy people testifying the effectiveness of frequency healing globally.

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Effectiveness of Healing With Frequencies

Some of us would want to ask what effects do frequency healings have on its user? It should be noted that these frequencies have been declared safe to use, with no side effects whatsoever. They can be used across several demographics with nothing to worry about. Some of the benefits of frequency healing are;

  • It serves as a painless alternative to get treated. You do not need to undergo any form of surgery, no injections, neither are you gulping medicines. It is completely painless, yet effective.
  • It increases your ability to find inner peace. It is believed that one cannot give what one does not have. When there is no peace within you, you can’t be at peace with others. So, frequency healing helps you unearth peace from within and by extension, mends your relationship with others.
  • These frequencies help you have a better handle of your subconsciousness, ensuring you are positive all through. Some people subconsciously go about with a negative aura that affects them.
  • It helps you overcome fear, shame, anxiety, and any feeling of regret you may be hanging onto. These frequencies are particularly good at clearing your mind of all toxic materials. It is literally the best thing you can spend your time and resources on.

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