Advantages of Solving Previous Year Question Papers for JEE Mains

JEE exams are held for candidates wishing to pursue a career in engineering and technical studies. Additionally, JEE exams are a gateway to prestigious engineering colleges in India. The JEE Main is a national level entrance examination held twice a year by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

The field of engineering and technology is booming rapidly, therefore, attracting more students. As a result, the competition in getting to the top universities is fierce, and everyone is aiming for the best.

According to experts, candidates who practice previous year’s JEE Main Question papers are better acquainted with the exam structure and time management strategies and have a higher chance of clearing the exam. This article will discuss how solving the JEE Main Question Paper can help you clear the exam.

Benefits of Solving Previous Year JEE Mains Papers

In this section, we will discuss the importance of solving the previous year JEE main papers:

It helps you understand the types of questions asked in the exam

On analysis, it is noticed that 70 to 80 percent of the questions are repeated. If a candidate practises the last 10 to 15 years papers, they have a better chance of cracking the exam. Moreover, the previous year question papers help candidates understand the type of questions that can be asked in the exam.

Teaches you Effective Time Management

Effective time management is the success mantra of many JEE main toppers.  Furthermore, Time, Speed and Accuracy are the three essential factors that play a significant role in achieving great exams scores. Solving the previous year question papers, including the JEE Main 2021 Question Paper, can help you prepare better for JEE Exams 2022.

Helps you Understand the Exam Pattern

Before you start preparing for the exam, it is of imperative importance that you understand the exam pattern thoroughly. Become aware of exam details such as the exam’s duration, the type of questions asked and more. Gaining such insights about the exam will help you plan to effectively structure your study routine for the exam.

Boosts Confidence

As you become familiar with the exam structure, you become more confident about tackling the exam. Being optimistic while approaching the exam will help you perform better in exams.

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