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About Brahmatal

Brahmatal! Among many tourist destinations in the Chamoli region of Uttarakhand, one will find unlimited reasons to come back again. 

Like a canvas, Chamoli is colorful and spread over a vast area.

A perfect weekend destination here is the hidden gem of Brahmatal trek.

An escape from all the noisy and not so favorite part of life Brahmatal trek is a natural and adventure getaway.

Surrounded by natural landscapes like mountain ranges, varies of flora and fauna. Majestic ranges like Nilkanth, Kamet, Hathi, Ghoda peaks, and many more have guarded the destination from all around.

During winters, this place in the Chamoli region is beautiful. Surrounded by a perfect amount of snow which makes the view very picturesque.

The frozen lake of Brahmatal is a unique natural landscape that is worth visiting in Uttarakhand. The view of the ranges and the lake is an unforgettable factor and major push factor for tourists.

Get a glimpse of the famous Garhwal Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand on a sunny day and the adoring trail of the trek is covered with dense forest.

Explore the beauty during one of the weekend plans and also experience the unique culture of the locals.

Walking through the high region of Lohajung, it is very easy to find the small settlements and beauty at another level.

A perfect winter destination, the mountain trees like deodar, oak, pine are at the highest level of beauty. The whole region can be explored on a weekend but there will be definitely multiple trips for Brahmatal trek and other places to visit in the Chamoli region.

Maximum altitude: 12,150 ft

Trekking distance: 22km

Trekking difficulty level: Moderate

About Brahmatal Trekking

Among many famous treks of Uttarakhand, the Brahmatal trek is one of them. With natural elements all over the place with several mountain peaks surrounding frozen ice, the lake is a major attraction.

The trek commences from Kathgodam, and the fun begins from there only. The dense forest with several beautiful trees will greet the tourists.

Even though Kathgodam is the pickup railway station, the scenery is serene. Then the journey is for a couple of hours to Lohajung for a comfortable stay.

Several homestays and guest houses are available at comfortable rates and facilities.

On the next day, from Lohajung the trip goes to Bekaltal. The third day of trek sets off for Brahmatal. The beautiful trail from the beginning is epic.

During this trek, do not miss to capture the beauty of the forest and hills. Experience the adventurous spark tickling through the pathway of Chota Jhandidar and Bada Jhandidar.

A glimpse of valleys and mountainous trees especially mount Trishul is the closest to notice along with Nandhaghunti.

A perfect weekend destination for Brahmatal trek is an ideal location for nature lovers and adventurers.

Trekking a distance of 22km is not so hard but yet not so easy. Uttarakhand being the trekking capital for many tourists yet again has this amazing trek for the span of 6 days.

During this trek, one can also set camp at the safest basecamp and experience stargazing in a clear environment.

The return of this trek goes through the same trail and takes again the same time but it is worth a  visit.

How to reach

Nearest Airport: 125km away from Chamoli, Jolly Kant airport of Dehradun is the nearest airport.

Nearest railway station: Rishikesh is highly connected with all the other cities is the nearest to Chamoli and is also easy to hire cabs or public transport to travel further.

Via Road: Regular bus transport available from all the nearby tourist destinations. Hire a cab or go for self-drive, the journey is splendid and unforgettable.

Things to carry for a perfect weekend at Brahmatal

  • Comfortable trekking shoes
  • Woolen clothes with extra pair
  • Personal toiletries
  • Trekking pole and pieces of equipment
  • Valid ID proofs
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks or packed food
  • First Aid kit
  • Sunscreen or lotions
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Torche
  • Tent if planning to camp
  • Caps and sunglasses
  • Energy bars
  • Scarfs
  • Track pants
  • Inner thermals
  • Powerbanks and extra cells for digital pieces of equipment
  • Hoodies or sweaters
  • Flip Flops or winter boots
  • Blankets
  • Tablets for allergies or headaches or nausea
  • Important contact details

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