A photo of a monkey holding a box.

The story of the photo that went viral on Reddit by jabba_the_hut92. The photo that was posted to r/google a few months ago, with a caption that read: “Monkey holding a box.” All it had was this one sentence, but what happened next is still an incredible story!

What does it mean when a monkey is holding a box?

Monkeys have been known to exhibit strong social skills and are often seen as being intelligent. So, when a monkey is seen holding a box, it could potentially mean that the monkey is intelligent and resourceful. Additionally, the box could symbolize some sort of possession or significance to the monkey.

The silver award.

Monkeys have always been known for their ability to dexterously use their hands, which is why it’s no surprise that they often hold objects in their primate hands. In fact, one of the most striking photos of a monkey holding a box is the silver medal-winning photo by Japanese photographer Takaaki Kurashige. The photo was taken at the Takarazuka Revue Theater in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, in 2006 and shows a monkey named Kanzi holding up a replica of the Oscar statuette.

Kurashige told The Huffington Post that he wanted to capture Kanzi’s “ordinary” moment and the result is an arresting image that captures the monkey’s dexterity and intelligence. The photo has been widely praised for its beauty and simplicity.

Why would such a photo get the award?

The photo of the monkey holding a box has won the prestigious World Press Photo Award. The reason for this is that it is an excellent example of photojournalism. It has been taken by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Sue Lloyd-Jones, who was on assignment in Liberia when she captured the moment.

The monkey in the photograph is named Nimba and she was part of a study that was being conducted by Save the Children to find out how child soldiers are used in the conflict in Liberia. Nimba was given the box as a reward for completing her task. The photograph shows her delight at finally being released from her duties and being able to play freely.

Sue Lloyd-Jones, who took the photo, said “I wanted to show Nimba’s joy and astonishment – I thought it would be touching.” Her judgement was spot on as the photo has won numerous awards, including being exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and winning first prize at the Visa pour l’Image photography festival in France.

What other photos are there of monkeys holding boxes?

There are a few other photos of monkeys holding boxes. One photo shows a monkey balancing a box on its head. Another photo shows a monkey opening a box that’s been placed on its back.


There’s nothing quite like a monkey with a box of fruit. Whether you’re trying to create an amusing social media post or just want to add some character to your photography, capturing an image of a monkey holding a box is sure to produce laughs and smiles. If you’re interested in shooting this type of photo, be sure to take note of the following key factors:monkey behavior, light, and composition. Happy snapping!

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