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A Guide On How To Add Curb Appeal To A Flat Front House

Are you feeling stuck with the way your exterior appears?

People see the exterior of a home before they see the interior, so it’s incredibly important that your curb appeal sparkles. But, many homeowners miss the mark when they add curb appeal to a flat front house.

Improving the curb appeal of a flat front house can enhance its attractiveness and create a welcoming first impression. Here is a guide with nine tips on how to add curb appeal to a flat front house.

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Upgrade the Landscape

Adding a new landscape is an easy and quick way to do it. Begin by removing any existing plants, shrubs, flowers, or trees that are in a state of disrepair, and clean up any debris from the area. Once the area has been cleared, determine what type of plants, flowers, and shrubs you want to use to create a beautiful and inviting landscape.

Choose plants that can withstand both sunlight and shade to ensure that no matter what the weather brings, your landscape will always look its best. Invest in some mulch to add texture and color, and use rocks to create an interesting visual effect.

Add borders to distinguish beds and pathways, and hang some window boxes, outdoor planters, or birdhouses to add a unique charm to the space. By upgrading the landscape of your flat front house, you can instantly add curb appeal with minimal effort.

Paint and Exterior Finishes

Invest in paint and exterior finish updates. Begin by giving the door a fresh coat of paint in a bright color that contrasts the window trim. Use two to three complementary colors that these exterior painters would recommend to paint the outside of the house.

Instead of plain paint, use light to medium textured ones to add texture and interest to the façade. Consider adding wainscoting at the base along the walls to create height and divide the colors.

Finally, when selecting finishes, make sure to choose high-quality ones that can withstand the test of time – water and oil-based urethanes are usually the best choice.

Front Door Upgrade

A front door upgrade can do wonders to add curb appeal. Utilizing an eye-catching, vibrant color on the door can draw attention while updating the look of the home. New hardware such as brass door knockers, keyholes, and handles can also enhance a dull entrance.

Accent lighting around the door can bring a dramatic effect. To give the illusion of added square footage, consider adding a porch or portico with ornamental elements like columns or a wrought iron railing.

If the budget allows, replacing the flat front with a bay window, adding shutters, or updating the siding can all add dimension and architectural charm. Consider accessorizing the entrance with potted plants, appropriate flower beds, and other decorative elements. With creative planning, flat front homes can have an impressive curb appeal.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting fixtures can be used to accent the entranceway, illuminate walkways, and highlight attractive features such as landscaping and arches. It is important to select fixtures that are in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the house.

Solar-powered fixtures are a great way to boost curb appeal while saving energy. Timer-controlled lights are also a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, turning on just before you come home, after sunset.

Other options to consider include post-mounted lighting, landscape lighting, spotlights placed in trees, and string lights to drape along fences, railings, or arches. The use of exterior lighting can be a great way to add an instant touch of charm.

House Numbers and Mailbox

By purchasing a nice, new mailbox, the house can be made to look more attractive as it will stand out. The same goes for the house numbers. Choose house numbers that stand out and are more visible than the current ones.

A clean and bold font will draw attention to the house. It is also important to take into account the size of the numbers. They should be large enough to be easily read from the street, but not overwhelming.

Finally, be sure to choose a color for the house numbers and mailbox that complements the existing house color. This will allow them to blend in without looking out of place. With the right house numbers and mailbox, you will be able to transform the flat front house and add more curb appeal.

Front Porch or Entryway

For a flat front house, you can blend the house’s architecture by adding appropriate decorations to the porch and the entryway. A decorative wreath, some wooden door decorations, and wall-mounted framed art pieces can add character and charm to the entryway.

Adding planters topped with luscious flowers is also a great touch. Adding comfortable sofas and chairs to the porch will increase the perceived value of the house, and can be accessorized with outdoor pillows and intricate rugs.

Finally, adding outdoor lighting around the porch and entryway can be extremely effective in illuminating the house, making it appear warm and inviting. With these additions, your home will be more welcoming to your guests, and its curb appeal will be significantly increased.

Clean and Declutter

Removing clutter from the front of the home not only makes it more attractive but also reduces the maintenance needed and helps to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Below eye level, pressure wash the path, porch, and driveway to ensure they look fresh and bright.

Take a walk around your home and take note of all the items scattered around the property lines. Round up the extra items you find and store them properly in a garage or shed where they won’t be visible. With the eyesore gone, you’ll be able to truly appreciate the beauty of your house!

Learn How to Add Curb Appeal to a Flat Front House

This guide provides countless ideas on how to add curb appeal to a flat front house and bring out its personality. It is important to personalize your home by adding elements that reflect your style and give your guests an enticing glimpse of what to expect inside. Consider adding a few of these ideas to your home and get it ready to have some more curb appeal!

Should you wish to read more articles aside from these curb appeal ideas, visit our blog.

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