9 Foods That Maybe Staining Your Teeth

Your favorite spaghetti dish or the morning mocha does more than just providing the nutrition, fuel, and calories to your diet. Over time, these fruits and drinks leave behind a dark pigmentation. At the same time, foods with high acidic content, too, result in the teeth’ staining.

As time progresses, these foods can erode the white enamel and bring the dentin to the forefront. Typically, dentin has a yellowish texture.

Consequently, your teeth start looking less shiny and yellow. Here, in this article, we will address a few foods that cause teeth staining. So let us get started and address them one by one.  


Tea is an incredibly healthy drink and is a vital part of your daily routine. However, unfortunately, for someone wanting shiny, bright teeths, tea might not be one of the best picks. Black tea is one of the worst culprits in this. As a matter of fact, even the white and herbal teas, too, tend to wear away the enamel and are responsible for stains. 

‘I cannot do without my morning tea. I drink 5 cups of tea every day for proper functioning. However, I noticed that it had started yellowing my tea. So, now I have cut down my daily tea intake to only a cup. After all, what’s without a shiny, pearly-white smile?’ comments Marry, an online reviewer who did the best spinning reels under 50 reviews. 

Red wine

Acidic foods and drinks, such as red wine, can open up or roughen the pores within the teeth’ enamel. With the roughening of the enamel, the overall surface area increases. It can pave the way for the hues in the beverages and the foods that we eat to become etched onto the teeths’ surface. This phenomenon is widely prevalent when you drink red wine.

More so, red wine is acidic in nature. So, it tends to etch the enamel. Consequently, the dark red particles of the red wine stick onto the teeth surface, resulting in staining. 


Beetroot is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It also has abundant health benefits. However, if you have ever worked with beetroot in the kitchen, you must know the kind of stains it leaves back. Similarly, if you eat beetroot in your salad or otherwise, it will most definitely stain your teeth. 

‘Beetroot has an array of health benefits, but I knew it was causing stains on my teeth as I used to eat it every day. So, to avoid staining and continue eating beetroot, I decided to brush my teeth 30-minutes after beetroot consumption. If ever I am outside and happen to consume beetroot, where I cannot brush my teeth, I tend to at least squish some water in my mouth, and give a quick rinse to get rid of all the red color,’ comments Anna, an online reviewer who did the men’s eyebrow trimmer review. 

Pasta sauce

Pasta sauce is composed of tomatoes, which have massive teeth-staining properties, which might leave your teeth feeling vulnerable. The bright red color and the acidity in them tend to cling to the teeth. Unfortunately, the acidic nature of the pasta sauce weakens the enamel and makes it easier for the sauce to penetrate into the enamel. This can result in hideous staining of the teeth.

So, before you indulge in red sauce pasta, you should eat a bowl full of salad comprising dark green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, or kale. These green-hued foods form a thin film onto the teeth and guard the teeth against possible staining. 


The teeth are porous. So, when you brush your teeth in the morning and immediately drink coffee after that, the teeth tend to absorb the coffee. Consequently, it results in the staining of the teeth. Amongst all kinds of coffee, black coffee is the worst culprit. So, to lower the staining abilities of coffee, you can add creamer or milk to it. 

‘Earlier, I used to drink only black coffee, but then I realized it had started staining my teeth. This was when I decided to shift on to milk coffee from black variant; states Berry, an online reviewer who did the best pressure-assist toilets review. 


Soda has high sugar content. This can give the bacteria in the mouth plenty to feed onto. This can result in the thriving of the bacteria. Further, sodas are the worst food picks because they are carbonated. So, naturally, they will be acidic. The acidic content in the soda tends to erode the enamel too. This includes both sugar-free and diet-sodas, along with the regular ones.  

Cranberry juice

Fruit juices, such as cranberry, can undoubtedly deteriorate the whiteness of your teeth. In addition, the dark, concentrated color of cranberry and their acidic nature tend to yellow your teeth. Thus, if you intend to ensure that your teeth stay whiter for long, you must opt for light-coloured solid food or prevent consuming fruit juice spritzers.

One of the best alternatives is apples. It has a brilliant, crisp texture and is the ideal pick for whitening your teeth. So, if you desire food that works as a detergent on your teeth, then apple can be your go-to pick. 

I love cranberry juice, but I know it stains my teeth. So, I have adopted a new strategy of drinking fruit juices from a straw. This prevents yellowing of the teeth, points out Gargi, an online educator who offers immunology courses online.


Berries are incredibly nutritious and must be a vital part of your diet. However, the downside to berries is that they can stain the enamel. So, to ensure that you get the benefits of the berries without staining your teeth, you can enjoy them mixed with yogurt or milk by including them in a smoothie. 

Citrus and acidic foods

Citrus and acidic foods, such as oranges are incredibly nutritious, but they may affect the enamel by breaking it down and causing the dentin to show. Thus, it is vital to curtail your citric acid consumption to prevent teeth staining. You can keep citrus juices as your occasional treat, and if you eat them as a whole, you should brush your teeth.

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