7 Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Eleven years is the average length of time a car lasts. But, of course, some vehicles wear out much faster, while others might last much longer.

One factor that affects a vehicle’s lifespan is the car maintenance you perform. With the proper maintenance, your car should last at least eleven years. Unfortunately, many car owners fail to perform the necessary tasks.

Whether buying your first car or owning one for years, you can benefit by learning the essential car maintenance tasks. Are you ready?

Then, keep reading to learn about seven vital maintenance tasks every vehicle needs.

1. Oil Changes

Most car owners know that their vehicles need oil changes, yet many fail to get them as often as necessary.

An oil change is probably the most frequent vehicle maintenance service your car needs, and you might need one every couple of months. You can ask your mechanic how often you need them.

During an oil change, a mechanic removes the plug to drain your dirty engine oil. Next, they replace the oil filter and put the plug back in place. Finally, they fill the oil reservoir with fresh, clean oil.

Your engine needs oil to operate, and it needs clean oil. Clean oil lubricates the engine parts thoroughly and cools the engine while it’s running.

2. Tire Maintenance

Another step of good car care habits is tire maintenance. Tires are the only part of a vehicle that touches the road, and they wear out over time.

Therefore, you will need to replace your tires from time to time. Most tires last at least 20,000 miles, but many last much longer. Worn-out tires can pop or lose air. You might get stranded or wreck your car when a tire pops.

However, replacing tires isn’t the only form of tire maintenance you must complete. After getting new tires, you can maintain them by having a tire shop rotate them regularly.

You might also need other tire services, such as tire balancing or patching. You can also maintain them by checking the air level every few weeks. Your tires will last longer if you keep the correct air pressure.

3. Air Filter Replacement

If you talk to an auto repair shop about car maintenance tips, they’ll likely suggest replacing your vehicle’s air filter once a year.

This is because the air filter gets dirty from driving, and a clogged air filter restricts airflow to your engine. Your engine needs enough airflow to operate correctly.

Your car might not operate well when you drive with a dirty filter. Additionally, you might see a decrease in your gas mileage or have trouble keeping your engine cool.

One good habit is asking your mechanic to check the air filter each time you get an oil change. They probably won’t have to replace it with every oil change, but they might have to replace it every few oil changes.

4. Spark Plug Replacement

Next, you’ll need to change your spark plugs as part of normal routine car maintenance. Spark plugs are a vital component inside your engine compartment.

The purpose of spark plugs is to power your vehicle by igniting the gas in your vehicle. A car might not start if the spark plugs wear out. Additionally, bad spark plugs can interfere with a car’s operating performance.

You can ask your mechanic to examine your spark plugs yearly and replace them when needed.

5. Windshield Wipers

Your vehicle will also need windshield wiper maintenance. Your windshield wipers remove water from your windshield while driving, but they’re made of rubber.

Over time, the rubber begins deteriorating. When this occurs, your wipers cannot clean your windshield effectively. They might skip sections or squeak when running.

You won’t need to change your wipers often. However, you might need a new set every one to two years.

Many people replace their wipers themselves. However, your auto mechanic can do it for you if you need help.

6. Auto Tinting

You might not think of auto tinting as car maintenance or routine vehicle care, but it’s a service you should consider getting.

Auto tinting is a film you place on the car windows. People get tinting services for several reasons, including protecting their vehicle’s interior.

Tinting blocks excessive sunlight from entering the car. As a result, your interior stays cooler and protected from the sun.

The best auto window tinting also protects your privacy, as it blocks people from looking inside your car. Of course, you can also get auto window tinting for looks. After all, tinted windows look great.

After getting your windows tinted, you might need to replace the film every couple of years. However, you’ll only need to have it replaced if it peels off or begins to develop bubbles.

7. Brakes

Finally, your car will need brake work every couple of years. Brakes come in many forms, but every type wears out with use. Therefore, replacing your brakes is a routine part of preventative maintenance.

You might experience a few signs when your brakes need maintenance. For example, you might hear squeaking or grinding. Brakes make these sounds for several reasons, and they indicate the brakes need repairs.

Secondly, you might experience trouble stopping your car. As your brakes wear out, you might have to press the brake pedal harder than usual to stop the vehicle.

When you experience these signs, your mechanic can check your brakes. They might require new brake pads, but they might also require other parts, such as rotors or drums.

Perform the Necessary Car Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Vehicle

Performing these car maintenance tasks can help your vehicle last longer. They’ll also help you avoid car problems and breakdowns. With the proper care, you’ll extend your vehicle’s lifespan.

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