5 Tips For Choosing A Packaging Supplier

Are you still putting your products in plain brown boxes that don’t offer much insight into your products? If so, you’re doing things the wrong way. When 67% of consumers say packaging plays a factor in purchasing products, you need to find great quality material and have a great packaging design.

A packaging supplier can play a huge role in how your products sell, so you need to find the best supplier you can. Use the five tips below when you’re looking at your packaging options to find the right one.

1. Look at Packing Materials

Your packaging materials say a lot about your products. It can give a bad impression if you use poor-quality materials that don’t look good. On the other hand, quality materials that make your package stand out can give a better first impression.

There are many types of packaging materials with different qualities, so you need to understand your choices. Once you do, see what materials your packaging options have and pick one that offers quality products.

2. Look for Other Services

Not every packaging company stops at providing materials. There is more to packing products than putting them in packaging. You also have to design a package and design graphics that help highlight what your product offers.

Many packaging companies offer this ability. They employ graphic designers and branding specialists who help their customers create great packaging. If you don’t have a design team on the payroll yet, see if there is a packaging company that can help.

3. Learn How Pricing Works

The price you pay for a packing material won’t always remain the same. Some companies charge higher prices for lower quantities but then drastically lower the price when you buy more.

It’s important to take this into account when you’re comparing pricing for your packaging suppliers. You may lose money when initially buying your material but save money in the long term once you start buying more.

4. Check the Facility Size

The next step to finding a great packaging fulfillment facility is to see what size their operation is. You never know how fast your company will grow in the future. You need to work with a business that can scale with your needs.

Working with a local packaging company is a great way to figure this out. You can quickly tour the facility to see its capabilities for yourself. You can still work with a non-local company, but be aware of their size and think about traveling to see what they can do yourself.

5. Get Testimonials

The last thing you should do is sign a large contract with a packaging company without getting feedback from other customers. A company can put on a great sales pitch and offer terrible service once you commit.

Reach out to businesses in your network to see how many of them work with packagers. Learn who they’ve worked with in the past and the pros and cons of working with those companies.

Start Your Search for a Packaging Supplier Today

You can’t just throw any packaging on your products and expect them to be a success. While you may be able to get some sales, consumers will pay more attention to your products when you have great packaging.

That’s why finding a packaging supplier that sells quality materials is critical. Use the tips above during your search to find a reliable supplier for now and in the future.

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