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5 Reasons To Do Nag Tibba Trek

1. Nearness to Delhi –  In the presently occupied lifetime is the solitary product that is scant. So everything needs to occur at the ends of the week be it shopping, excursion, investing energy with family and so on and so forth Furthermore, on the off chance that you are living in and around Delhi and got exhausted of normal visits to the Mall and theaters trip to Nag Tibba is your ideal choice to begin this stunning excursion of investigating mountains.

Bother Tibba begins from Pantwari which is 90 Km from Dehradun. So in the event that you get an 11:00 PM transport from Delhi, you arrive at Dehradun the next morning by 5:00 AM, you take a taxi from that point and by 09:00 AM you will be in Pantwari. In the event that you start on Friday night, you can begin your trip by 09:00 AM morning.

2. Term of Trek – A weekend Trek–Trek to Nag Tibba highest point can be finished in a few days relying on how hard you need to propel yourself. As a novice you have a few questions as a top priority one of them is, if you will have the option to do it? All things considered, the 3-day schedule is ideal, beginning from Pantwari.

You can likewise begin your 2-day journey from Thatyur yet that may not be the most ideal decision as it’s an exceptionally steep tough move till Nag Mandir and when the view opens you are dead drained, additionally water is accessible at just one spot when you are near your outdoor area for the afternoon. In the event that you are following Thatyur – schedule, at that point, you camp at Nag Mandir, and the following day you do the culmination and arrive at Patwari before the day’s over.

3. Delicate Terrain – Right from Pantwari to Nag Tibba highest point, landscape is exceptionally delicate and there are no precarious areas of more than 5 – 10 mins. Nonattendance of these lofty trips permits travelers to appreciate the excellence tossed in general and it’s all the more so in the event of fledglings. Fledglings are relatively less patient than experienced adventurers and they need to see the reward of their diligent effort (read climbing) rapidly and this is the thing that occurs on Nag Tibba.

After a climb of 2-3 hours you camp at Nag Mandir from where you have 180 Degree perspective on the Higher Himalayas. Bother Mandir is a wonderful camping area encompassed by Rhododendron timberland on one site and Deodar woods on another. Dusks are as excellent as you can get from other campgrounds in the higher Himalayas.

4. A healthy journey – Nag Tibba is one trip where you get the kind of everything that one will insight on longer journeys be it wilderness trail, day off stunning perspective on the most noteworthy pinnacles of Indian Himalayas (just the span is short). At the point when you start from Pantwari the principal day’s trip is generally through Rhododendron woods. After Nag Mandir or at some point before Nag Mandir the journey is through lower leg profound day off, a few focuses on any event, going to knee profound too.

At the point when you arrive at the culmination you can enjoy the perspective on Nanda Devi, the most elevated top in India alongside Bandar Poonch and some more. Over the entirety of it’s a roundabout trip in the event that you plan appropriately. Doing a circuit is consistently a preferable encounter over backtracking a similar path as the scene is distinctive when you return and you generally stay inspired constantly.

5. What’s more, something more For all the reasons clarified earlierNag Tibba is an extraordinary journey for fledglings and that is the reason nearly everyone can finish it absent a lot of issues. But When you are simply beginning your excursion to the neglected mountains and are not used to uninhabited spots your psyche keeps on inquiring as to whether I need clinical consideration or if I need to return back to development for some crisis at home.

If there should arise an occurrence of Nag Tibba you have that choice, if something doesn’t go according to plan you can generally make a beeline for Pantwari even in the center of the night. There are little cottages where wilderness trail simply starts and you can arrive at these cabins within an hour from your Nag Mandir.

So this colder time of year packs your back and heads to Nag Tibba with no dread, it’s absolutely feasible and well inside your scope from each perspective whether it’s time or your own actual capacity.

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