3 Types Of Bridesmaid Dresses: How To Pick Your Wedding Theme

The average cost of a wedding in America in 2022 is around $27,000. You want to plan everything correctly to ensure that no money is wasted. This includes thinking of a suitable theme to base the dress code on, especially the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Regardless of your wedding theme, picking the perfect bridesmaid dress for your wedding can be stressful. Everyone should be adorning beautiful attire on your big day, but your responsibility is to ensure everyone is comfortable.

We have created a guide that details all of the different things bridesmaid dresses can encompass. Whether your wedding has a distinct theme or you’re just looking for a beautiful, classic dress for a simple wedding, you’ll find it all here. Read on to discover the different types of bridesmaid dresses you might consider.

1. Traditional Wedding

Bridesmaid dresses for a traditional wedding can be challenging, but it is essential to base your decision on the wedding’s theme. A classic white dress is always a good choice for a traditional wedding. Another option is black bridesmaid dresses with a white lace overlay.

You can see more black bridesmaid dresses on websites like Lavetir. For a more modern twist on a traditional wedding, you can choose a brightly colored dress for your bridesmaids. Coordinating the dress’s color with the wedding theme is essential.

2. Rustic Wedding

A rustic wedding is often more relaxed and informal, so a dress that is too formal or flashy may not be appropriate. Instead, opt for a pretty and feminine dress but still relaxed. A solid-colored dress in a simple silhouette is a great option or a pretty patterned dress with ruffles or lace details.

Choose a dress in a natural fabric like cotton or linen for a rustic look, and make sure it is comfortable enough to wear all day long. Accessorize the dress with a pretty scarf or necklace, and add a pair of simple heels or sandals.

3. Beach Wedding

If you’re having a beach wedding, you’ll want to choose a light and airy dress with a natural color palette. You’ll also want to ensure that the dress is comfortable and easy to move in, as your bridesmaids will likely spend a lot of time on their feet. To further incorporate the beach theme, you could ask your bridesmaids to wear their hair in natural, beachy waves.

Types of Bridesmaid Dresses You Need To Consider

In choosing the suitable types of bridesmaid dresses, there are many things to consider, most notably the wedding’s theme. If you want a traditional wedding, you can opt for the classic white dress. You can also go with pretty and relaxed dresses if it’s a rustic wedding or flowy dresses for a beach wedding.

The most important thing to remember is that your bridesmaids should feel comfortable in their dresses. If you are unsure what dress to choose, ask your bridesmaids for their opinion.

Want to find more fashion tips? Please look at some of our other posts to learn how to refine your sense of style.

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